12 Days Until the New Year: Day 10-Smile

By: Angelica Rainge

During this pandemic, it may be hard to see the rainbow in everyday life. Despite this shake up of events, there are still some things to smile about. Here are a few :

Another day of life
Someone loves you
A good hair day
Fresh sheets
Making someone else smile
Finding matching socks
Finding a good deal
The rewards of hard work
Seeing a rainbow

  • Another day of life: it’s a new day to explore the beauty of life and treat yourself, so make the best of it.
  • Someone loves you: if you don’t know who it is, just know that we love you.
  • A good hair day: these are rare so waking up to a calm head instead of a nest is relieving and opened up time in the morning.
  • Fresh sheets: beds and sleep are amazing, but recently cleaned sheets make it so much better.
  • Making someone else smile: there is arguably nothing more rewarding than making someone feel better after a difficult situation.
  • Finding matching socks: this is a real challenge especially after doing the laundry, so it’s always nice to find the pair first try.
  • Finding a good deal: who doesn’t love saving money? Sometimes a few coins makes all the difference.
  • The rewards of hard work: after dedicating countless time to a goal, it’s refreshing to see it pay off and work out.
  • Seeing a rainbow: it’s an amazing thing to see a burst of color after a gray, rainy day

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