12 Days Until the New Year: Day 11

By: Althea Ocomen and Melanie Jalbert

It’s almost the new year, and that means new beginnings for many. This new year let’s try a new approach; instead of remembering what we left behind in 2020, let’s look at what the new year holds for us. It may be a wedding or a new book, but every small thing makes a difference and gives 2021 a new energy. Here are some of the things we look forward to in 2021:


During quarantine many students and activists started organizations to help in the community. The pandemic naturally exposed many issues people face around that world that may go unnoticed in a regular year. These organizations may be small, but their work is important and can change lives. If you have the chance or time, volunteering or working with one of these organizations is an amazing experience. There are positions for every different skill set and organizations for all different tastes and experiences. So have fun and make a difference!

Media Releases

We all have a show or movie we have been waiting for all year. Many Marvel fans are waiting avidly for Black Widow, while Star Wars fans are ready for the return of Boba Fett. Whatever you are expecting, and however you plan to watch, this is definitely an important detail to look forward to in 2021.

Seeing a relative

Many people have been unable to visit relatives due to this pandemic. With the hope that this will soon pass, many hope to visit their family and have a gathering to celebrate everything they missed. Some families will be incomplete, but seeing the family that is left can be very helpful to grieve and move forward after a loss. Stay safe.


This one might be a tad controversial, but it’s real. Working from home is not even remotely close to being in an office. Some find working at home better to be a better environment and more productive. Many prefer the human interaction and office events, which is understandable as well. Student miss their friends and many are starting to realize there’s nothing like being in the classroom. So to those of you eager to get back to the physical environment, let’s hope 2021 delivers.


New Years resolutions are a touchy subject. Some of us just can’t go through with them, and that’s perfectly fine. Despite this, it’s good to set goals for the new year. Maybe it’s starting a daily workout to start the new year with a healthy body. Some may have an update in their diet to help their body grow stronger. For others it could be to finish all those books you bought and never read (I’m on the same boat). Whatever your goal is, go for it. We hope you get it done and finally cross it off your to do list. Good luck!

This new year focus on your growth. We hope this list helps you see 2021 as a new opportunity rather than just another year. Make this the year you finally complete that resolution or go to that marathon you’ve been training for. This will hopefully also be the year you move forward in the passage of grief and possibly help others along the way. Grief Buddies is here to support anyone who is grieving. Our buddy system could be a good start, but even if it isn’t we hope you find your way. Happy reflecting everyone.

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