12 Days Until the New Year: Day 9

By: Ruth Lintiso

Dear Mr. Grinch
Hi Mr. Grinch 
I don’t appreciate you stealing my gifts 
I don’t appreciate the words you say
When I think I’m okay, you remind me of when I wasn’t 
When it snows, you remind me of the cold 
When I move foreword you refuse to let go
But there’s hope for you, this I know
You look away because I look into your soul
You were hurt, I’m sorry but we gotta mend the parts that broke 
So even if you doubt, I’ll have faith for you
Even when you cry, I will comfort you
When you’re ashamed, I will look into your eyes and tell you “I’m there for you, I will never leave you, and I love you”
~ sincerely
Mr. Grinch

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