12 Days Until the New Year: Day 11

By: Althea Ocomen and Melanie Jalbert It’s almost the new year, and that means new beginnings for many. This new year let’s try a new approach; instead of remembering what we left behind in 2020, let’s look at what the new year holds for us. It may be a wedding or a new book, butContinue reading “12 Days Until the New Year: Day 11”

12 Days Until the New Year: Day 10-Smile

By: Angelica Rainge During this pandemic, it may be hard to see the rainbow in everyday life. Despite this shake up of events, there are still some things to smile about. Here are a few : Another day of lifeSomeone loves youA good hair dayFresh sheetsMaking someone else smileFinding matching socksFinding a good dealThe rewardsContinue reading “12 Days Until the New Year: Day 10-Smile”

12 Days Until the New Year: Day 5-Places

By: Angelica Freyre we were always togetherwhether it was in the coffee shopor at the park in an impromptu photo-op.but then you left, left me wishing for a forever. desperate, angry, and lonely.how could you do this to me?i thought i could never forgive you; a denial spree.i feel myself losing it slowly. But then,Continue reading “12 Days Until the New Year: Day 5-Places”

A Monster: Spooky Story Contest Winner

By: Aaryan Kapoor Are monsters born or created? Do drops of blood pour forth from the devil’s wounds and splash onto the earth? Or are the seeds that were sowed in the soil rinsed with ash and sludge until the tree that blooms scatters spores of madness and despair? Do these spores spout monsters too?Continue reading “A Monster: Spooky Story Contest Winner”

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