My Reflection in the Mirror: Short Story

By: Ariane Dushime I used to look through the window everyday admiring the passersby’s relationships. Those faces remind me of the beautiful warm feelings I lost the day I saw my father take his last breath. My heart breaks as I look at other people make memories that I will never make again. My lifeContinue reading “My Reflection in the Mirror: Short Story”

A Monster: Spooky Story Contest Winner

By: Aaryan Kapoor Are monsters born or created? Do drops of blood pour forth from the devil’s wounds and splash onto the earth? Or are the seeds that were sowed in the soil rinsed with ash and sludge until the tree that blooms scatters spores of madness and despair? Do these spores spout monsters too?Continue reading “A Monster: Spooky Story Contest Winner”

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