12 Days Until the New Year: Day 6

By: Rachel Howard The colorful lights, the wrapped presents, the excessive use of peppermint, and the holiday music that plays on repeat for a month or two. It all leads up to this: the actual holiday. Whether you celebrated the holidays earlier this month, later this month, or you’re celebrating today, we know these timesContinue reading “12 Days Until the New Year: Day 6”

12 Days Until the New Year: Day 5-Places

By: Angelica Freyre we were always togetherwhether it was in the coffee shopor at the park in an impromptu photo-op.but then you left, left me wishing for a forever. desperate, angry, and lonely.how could you do this to me?i thought i could never forgive you; a denial spree.i feel myself losing it slowly. But then,Continue reading “12 Days Until the New Year: Day 5-Places”

12 Days Until the New Year: Day 4-Food

Food is the way to the heart. This season, treat yourself and other with these amazing recipies that are sure to leave an impact. For traditions: The best recipes are ones that go down generations. Making a recipe you used to make with a loved one can be a great way to remember then inContinue reading “12 Days Until the New Year: Day 4-Food”

12 Days Until the New Year: Day 3-Songs

Sometimes all that’s needed to get in a good mood and festive spirit is a catchy song. In this year where there’s little snips of free time, why not sing along to a classic song? Of course, not everyone has the same singing abilities, but it’s a good way to break the ice with friendsContinue reading “12 Days Until the New Year: Day 3-Songs”

12 Days Until the New Year: Day 2-Movies

The holiday season is about celebrations, but its also a great time to wind down. After a hectic year, sitting back and enjoying a movie solo or as a family can make all the difference. Here are some ideas for your movie break: Fun Family Movie (or solo, movies are ageless!): There are so manyContinue reading “12 Days Until the New Year: Day 2-Movies”

12 Days Until the New Year: Day 1-Reflecting

By: Melanie Jalbert The holiday season is truly one filled with many feelings: excitement, joy, exhaustion, and even sadness. Many people around the world celebrate with their whole family and have a huge dinner, but this isn’t the case for everyone. Not everyone has their whole family a plane trip away or have the resourcesContinue reading “12 Days Until the New Year: Day 1-Reflecting”

December Mini-Series

Hello readers and visitors! Before our special announcement, we want to thank everyone reading this. Yes, you. Thank you for sticking around this year, its been a tough one. Thank you for subscribing to our blog or just checking it out from time to time. For all our grief buddies out there, thank you forContinue reading “December Mini-Series”

Navigating other peoples’ responses to the loss of a loved one

Nicole Collaço The support networks you surround yourself with are so important, especially when you’re grieving. Just as we all have different ‘love languages’, I believe we also have different ‘support languages.’ People show their support in different ways. I found that after my mum passed away, there were people in my life who didContinue reading “Navigating other peoples’ responses to the loss of a loved one”

A Monster: Spooky Story Contest Winner

By: Aaryan Kapoor Are monsters born or created? Do drops of blood pour forth from the devil’s wounds and splash onto the earth? Or are the seeds that were sowed in the soil rinsed with ash and sludge until the tree that blooms scatters spores of madness and despair? Do these spores spout monsters too?Continue reading “A Monster: Spooky Story Contest Winner”

Exploring Grief through Creative Arts

Nicole Collaço When you lose a loved one, it almost seems impossible to navigate through the rollercoaster of emotions that you might feel. I know I certainly felt that way when my mum passed away. I was aware of where I could go if I needed professional support, but at that point in time IContinue reading “Exploring Grief through Creative Arts”

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