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April Fools Day!

By: Shawaf Naeem

April 1st: the day when we can freely prank our friends and relatives without suffering any (or mostly any) consequences. The origin of April fools day is in 1582 when France decided to switch to the Gregorian calendar from the Julian calendar which started from the first of April. Those who failed to adapt were mocked, and eventually transitioned into fooling the person for some innocent laughs. Now tamiles and friends engage in these pranks to make some good memories and start April in a joyous tone. Even though some of our loved ones may not be with us today, it can be nice to remember the silly pranks and relive the memories. Let’s take a look at some pranks that we, at Grief Buddies, loved and wanted to share with you.

‘Urgent need to see you’ prank

On a small post-it note, write a simple statement “I need to see you ASAP!” with an illegible yet authoritative signature and secretly put the post-it note on the desk of your classmate or coworker. Watch the panic unfold when they read it and try to grasp if they are actually in some trouble.

‘Duped with Donuts’ prank

Bring a fake box of Donuts, the twist being that instead of sweet sprinkled donuts, the friends open the box and behold, there’s are freaky fake crawlers inside. Just hope they don’t have bad visuals for dinner that night.

‘(Not) Toothpaste Creme Cookie’ prank

It’s the classic prank, and we are pretty sure everyone can catch up with the fact that the oreos are suspicious. However, this time, get a small packet of Oreos (packs of 4 or 6) and munch up on an oreo before giving it to your friend. All of the oreos should be normal except for the last one, in which you should sprinkle a few drops of chilli sauce (or any condiment that will make the oreo taste bad. Make sure to keep a glass of water close, your prank victim might need it.

So there you go, a brief history lesson and a few ideas to prank your loved ones, Do make a sorry card in advance because some friends might not be easily forgiving. Also watch out for yourself if you don’t want to be a prank victim as well. We hope these pranks bring up some good memories and joy this spring.

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