12 Days Until the New Year: Day 3-Songs

Sometimes all that’s needed to get in a good mood and festive spirit is a catchy song. In this year where there’s little snips of free time, why not sing along to a classic song? Of course, not everyone has the same singing abilities, but it’s a good way to break the ice with friends and family.

For our families:

Both children and parents alike can appreciate many holiday songs. Jingle bells, an all time classic, is a short catchy tune that’s perfect for younger audiences and festive adults. Make it a fun “who can sing it best” event or make it a speed competition. If children prefer a storyline, what better song than the iconic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Mixing in Santa’s fun travels with catchy beats, this is surely a family favorite.

For the laughs:

If your goal is to lighten the mood and find some joy at the end of the day, get ready for these fun picks. “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”…the title alone is enough. This song has a hilarious plot that will make any grown person laugh. With a country style, the mood stays light and, who knows, maybe there will be dancing. If you’re more of a bold singer, try out “All I Want for Christmas is You”. Those high notes are daring, but no friend group is strong enough to resist singing along. Hearing all these attempts will be entertainment for hours.

For the holiday spirit:

With a nice warm cup of chocolate and some freshly baked cookies (or cookie dough, no judgement here!), the perfect holidays songs are essential. For a song about the iconic winter season, “Let it Snow” will hit the spot. It’s calm tone and instrumentals can make any environment relaxing. Iconic and peaceful, perfect. If you like heartbreak songs, “Last Christmas” is a good option.

This season music can make all the difference, so why not listen to the best. Have fun and enjoy our picks.

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