12 Days Until the New Year: Day 1-Reflecting

By: Melanie Jalbert

The holiday season is truly one filled with many feelings: excitement, joy, exhaustion, and even sadness. Many people around the world celebrate with their whole family and have a huge dinner, but this isn’t the case for everyone. Not everyone has their whole family a plane trip away or have the resources to meet with them. In a time where so many families have felt the loss of a loved one, it is important to remember that it is ok to not be ok. Happy songs may be playing everywhere, but that doesn’t make your contrasting feelings any less valid. Jingle bells cannot stop your grief. Ignoring your feelings is like fresh snow on the sidewalk: it starts off alright, but then it just becomes a slippery slope. 

In these novel times, it is important to take a moment to step back and reflect. Take a couple of minutes or longer to stop and think about everything that’s happened this year. Whether good or bad, it’s relieving to unpack everything and process the emotions associated with it. It may have been a small event, like walking by your loved one’s favorite coffee shop and feeling a small sting in your heart. Or perhaps it was a bigger one, like having a horrible day and wanting to just stretch your arms out for a hug from your loved one, but rather than feeling their arms wrap around you, you are left with feeling the emptiness in the air. There is no “right” way to process feelings or react to difficult situations, so take it slowly and do it your way. The holidays involve a lot of family events, so it can be tempting to bottle up these emotions now. Always, even when there are no events or holidays, remember to take care of yourself and keep in touch with your own emotions.

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