December Mini-Series

Hello readers and visitors! Before our special announcement, we want to thank everyone reading this. Yes, you. Thank you for sticking around this year, its been a tough one. Thank you for subscribing to our blog or just checking it out from time to time. For all our grief buddies out there, thank you for your commitment to not only help yourself, but also someone else on this journey through grief. Everyone, even first time readers, mean the world to us: thank you.
And now for our special announcement. Our team has been working very hard these past few weeks brainstorming and planning a special event. Finally, we collaborated and present to you Grief Buddies’ first blog mini-series. Our theme is grieving during the holiday season. Its our greatest hope that these posts will help someone with their grief during this difficult time of the year, especially in a season where friends and family are a main theme.
This year has been hard for many people in different ways. During these times, we know that your grief may feel misunderstood or you may not have someone to express your feelings to. If you or anyone you know is grieving and would like someone to talk to who has a similar story as yours, please check out our website by clicking here and request a buddy. Thank you, and we hope you enjoy our mini-series!

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