5 Ways to Brighten Up Your Day

By: Althea Ocomen

It’s hard to control strong emotions, especially in times of struggles and stress. Whether you are starting off for the first time away from home, parents facing an empty nest this fall, or just looking for new ways to cope with stress, these tips can definitely be beneficial for you! So what are the ways that you can control your emotions when you’re feeling lonely, aggravated, or down in the dumps?

1. Take a walk

Taking a walk can help calm you in times of extreme stress and anxiety. It can serve as a distraction, pastime, a daily exercise, or a change of scenery to help you shift your perspective and get your mind off work.

2. Spend time in nature

Go out and observe your surroundings. Take a walk outside to see the beauty of the sunshine or the coolness of the rain. Look around at the beautiful trees and the birds or the colorful flowers or the cloudy gray sky. Appreciating the vastness and the exotic uniqueness of the natural world can leave you in awe and assist you in becoming more positive and joyful.

3. Pray

If you are a religious or spiritual person, you might find comfort in taking a moment to pray. Throughout human history and civilization, almost every culture has used prayer from their own perspective. Talking to your higher power, whether you understand Him to be a traditional religious deity, a merciful God, or a holy guide you learned about in Sunday school or the unknown forces operating in the universe, provides hope in times of sadness and despair. It gives you the reassurance that everything will turn out great in the end.

4. Meditate

Meditation is the practice of focusing your mind very intently on something especially small and simple, like your breathing or the flame of a candle, and then allowing your mind to stay on the same object by being patient with yourself while you observe how difficult such a simple and small task can be. Meditation is also a form of spiritual practice or another way to clear out the constant anxiety and worry that is burdening you at the moment. It also helps you remain in good mental condition when there are too many tasks to do.

5. Call a friend

Human beings are proven to be social creatures. Seeking out the support of someone who understands your emotions and your experiences is an excellent way to gather and develop self- confidence in difficult and aggravating tasks. Talking with your friends about mundane events can help you share your feeling with others.

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